Tuesday, February 05, 2013

new dryer anyone?

Ok I must confess when my dryer quit working this Sunday I secretly wanted it to be kaput.  Well it's looking like I'm getting my secret wish and now we're going to spend the day today shopping for dryers and possibly a washer to go with it.  I'm kinda excited and hesitant at the same time.  Appliance shopping is exhausting.

It's way more fun to go shopping on Etsy.  Since I've joined I started following them on Twitter and they are always tweeting awesome finds from people's shops.  There are some really cool things on Etsy.  I'm finding lots of new favorite shops.  Like I LOVE Whit and Whistles unique cards.  And I've already had some invitations designed by RoCo.  And this morning the Etsy homepage has a wonderful display of Sunshine and yellow themed products.  The bright yellow really lifted me up today.

So I uploaded a bunch of new wine charms to Crymson Flower this morning, to add some color and spread some winey cheer.


This weekend I was busy making some wine bottle pendants.  Waiting for the sun to shine again to take some picutes so I can share with all you.  More flowers to come this week too. 

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