Sunday, February 24, 2013

she loved it

This weekend we were in Chicago for my mother in law's 60th birthday party.  Two nights and two parties later we are home and unpacked.  It's good to be home in a quiet house.  Hopefully this nap R is taking will help put him back on his schedule so that he's not too grouchy this evening.

In a few hours we'll be in yet another party with my friends coming over to watch the Oscars.  I'm looking forward to it but I'm also looking forward to working on Crymson Flower.  When things got quiet this afternoon I took out my notebook and made a giant to do list for the month of March.  I'm really excited about the things on this list.  It includes everything from buying a binder to keep my paperwork organized to what I want to make to add to the shop.  More wine charms, and flowers mostly....but different styles and colors.  Let's bring spring the to Crymson Flower!  at least that's what's in my head right now.  This coming week will bring more wine bottle pendants to the shop.  I have some awesome shamrocks to show you for St. Patrick's day that is right around the corner.

An amazing miracle happened this month.  Somehow between all the time I've spent on here and on etsy I also managed to finish the quilt for my mother in law's party.  I think she loved it.  There was a big smile on her face from what I saw.  Of course R had to go potty right at that moment and insisted I take him.  I had taken an personal day and turned the dining and living rooms into a quilting studio.  I am very proud of how this quilt turned out.  It was the best job I've done with both basting and quilting.  And it was kinda fun to quilt it.  I have made the final decision that I will not cross lines while quilting.  Bad things happen when I attempt that.  It was a small issue and I was able to easily fix it.  For as much as I really disliked sewing this quilt, I really love how it turned out.  And she does too.  I was proud to be able to give it as a good gift.  No more big quilts for me for a while.  At least nothing with a two month deadline. 

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Cathy Engberg said...

Wow! That looks beautiful! I'm sure she loved it! It's amazing. I'm glad the weekend was a success. Have fun tonight.