Wednesday, January 30, 2013

long week

It's only Wednesday.  It's one of those weeks that nothing is really going on but it just seems to drag.  I'd blame it on the end of January blahs, but the weather has been so crazy and un-January like that it hardly seems the reason.  The last two days have been in the 50ies and 60ies with horror movie like fog and nonstop rain.  Today temps dropped providing a nice think layer of ice over everything.  Ice strong enough to bust the windshield wipers on our vehicle.  It's just one of those weeks.

So what do you do to combat the winter blahs?  Plan a vacation?  Dream of summer months?  Hole up in the house until the weather is sane enough to be out again?  So far this week we've treated ourselves to a sushi dinner which is a decadent splurge.  Last night I went to bed early falling asleep on the couch by 8.  Tonight I'm here with you and playing a video game w/ my hubby.  Our go to game that cheers us up and takes us away from the blahs if only for a short while.

Here's another fun way to get away from the grey winter days.  Put some of these bright orange wine glass charms on your glass and toast to summer.  Toast to warm evenings with wine on the deck under the stars.  Heck right now I'd even toast to swatting away mosquitoes in the July heat. 

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