Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Works in Progress

Here is another copper piece that I've been playing with.  I love the shape of this flower.  It will look great in many different color combos.  Unfortunately, I freeze up every time I try and and start another one.  I can't quite pick a color combo that I'm in love with enough to redo this flower.  Silly, I know.  And I'll get over it.

So I've had this idea lately to try braiding the wire for an interesting flower stem.  This was my first attempt.  I haven't found a whole lot of braiding tutorials online.  Mostly just the same braids over and over again.  I think that calls for a trip to the book store to see what I can come up with there.  But for my first attempt at the mermaid braid I think it turned out pretty good.  

I think the piece need a single leaf just for a finishing touch.  And then it'll be done.  

Friday, June 19, 2015


I've had lots of posts in my head over the last few months and very rarely was I sitting in front of my computer when I thought of them.  Or maybe I didn't have a photo ready and who reads a blog post w/out photos?  Well to put that in perspective who reads a blog post if it's never written down?

When I was pregnant w/ my second monster I was as most people are, huge, swollen, and uncomfortable.  Some how in my hormone induced brain I decided that running a 5K would be an awesome thing to do... after I had the baby of course.  Much to my surprise this thought stayed planted in my head.  It actually became a goal.  I'm not a runner, I've never really enjoyed it.  But being able to run a 5K seems like a big (for me) thing to have on my bucket list.  So this spring I downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my shiny new iphone.  I also joined instagram.  The two are separate but I really enjoy snapping pictures of flowers that I run by and posting them on my instagram account.  I've been enjoying it so much that I put a widget on the side of the blog here to share. 

My 5K is scheduled for July 11.  The worst time of year for a first time 5K.  At first my goal was to run it w/out walking.  But I won't be ready for that.  I'm excited about it though.  So far in my training I can run 2.3 miles with only stopping to walk 2 or 3 times depending on how hot it is outside.  I've been feeling my muscles wake up and firm up.  It's pretty amazing. 

This is our week back from vacation.  It was a lovely trip with lots of family, hanging out on the boats, fishing, eating and drinking.  Now that birthday parties are over and vacations have been had I've been trying to get myself to relax and bead.  I  have 3 almost done copper tiles, that I should finish.  I have fleeting glimpses of color inspiration or flower inspiration, but haven't really been able to hold on to any of them. 

Two days ago I came across a small art show in Warrenville Il, which is near family.  I emailed for details, the show is in September.  Enough time to get some inspired work accomplished...if I really work at it.  Which might be what I need.  A deadline looming.  Something to be excited about.  I printed out an application, so we'll see where that goes.