Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wine bottle love

Have I told you how much I'm loving making these wine bottle pendants.  I have so many ideas and not enough hands.  I have design ideas.  I want to explore the leaf idea and expand on it.  I have a leaf pendant pictured below and how cool would it be to go different colors.  Rain drops dangling, or pink petals falling, or even play on a bunch of grapes.  There's room to grow.

I want to expand on the wire accents.  I love wire wrapping right now, and using it to enhance a simple tear drop shape makes me happy.  I want to work on these skills and get more complex in the techniques.  I want to bring more wire into actual flowers.  And see where that takes me. 

So many ideas and not enough hands, eyes, and brains to get everything done.  But that seems to be a common complaint among the creative at heart.  It feels good to be brimming with ideas.  I hope you are as excited to see what comes next as I am.  For now there will be plenty of wine bottle pendants.  Get ready for some wine bottle love.

1 comment:

nordwolke said...

You are bursting with creativity. I love those 5 leaves! Also the circular shapes speak to me, especially the one with the "tiger's eye" (?).