Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a bridge into bangles

Do you remember when I took a small break from flowers and make this bracelet?  Just a few short days after making that bracelet I made this one.  I love this bracelet.  It's definitely a prototype and I have a few kinks to work out.  But I love incorporating the french beaded flower technique into a piece of jewelry and yet it's still not a flower on your wrist.  It doesn't look or feel like a gaudy corsage which is a big fear of bringing my beaded flowers into jewelry.
I also feel like if I'm going to start making jewelry of any kind it should be jewelry I would wear and love.  This is it.  Now the other bracelet is too but this one just screams me.  My style, my colors.  It has a glorious weight to it with all the copper, steel, and glass.  The clasp is actually on the side of the wrist which I hadn't seen before but am enjoying.
I wore it at all my shows this summer and it didn't catch on anything.  Not my clothes or even my hair.  The petals didn't bend back or become loose which was a big test for me.  I need to have my jewelry sturdy.  It has to pass the Amy brutality test!  And I had a lot of feed back on this piece.  Lots of people were excited about it and wanted to know when I'd have them available for sale.  Which sort of blows my mind b/c this piece is so my style. I really never thought anyone would like my style.
This pic shows my favorite part of the bracelet.  I love the top, but it's this curve here that really truly makes me happy.  And inspires new ideas for future bracelets. 
This week I've had a lot of thoughts on bracelets and have figured out my game plan.  I plan to finish my Day of the Dead project this week.  Then I have a donation for a charity I need to get together and complete, but that won't take long at all.  Then I'm going to sit down and really work on bracelets.  I want to fix the kinks, make a few ready to sell, and maybe even design a new one or two.  I'm excited.  And really can't wait to see what comes next.

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nordwolke said...

What an interesting closure! And of course a very beautiful bracelet and even a sturdy one!