Monday, August 05, 2013

birthday wishes and random thoughts

~ I finished my day of the dead project this weekend.  I took pictures and applied to the exhibit at the art guild.  Now I'm attempting to be patient while I wait to find out if I got in.
~ I'm in no way shape or form sick of these skull beads.  Keep your eye out for some more skull flowers.
~ I'm a year older now. I think I'm becoming more girly in my old age.
~ I paint my toes, color my hair, and even occasionally wear the color pink now.
~ I made a new bracelet this weekend and I love it.
~ We leave on vacation on Saturday.  1 week w/ my folks and my boys in northern WI.  Super excited.
~ The last few days I've come up with some wishes/dreams I want to accomplish.  Things like learning to solder and setting up a full blown work studio complete w/ lots of tools.  I would like to learn to cook pastries well.  I would like to travel more.
~ Maybe I should start doing lists like I used to.
~ I bought a table top photography "studio."  When I get back from vaca I'm going to retake all my photos and relist my flowers in Etsy.  I'm excited.
~ This week is another busy week, one day down and 5 more until we leave.  =)


Cathy Engberg said...

This looks awesome! I can't wait to hear that you have been accepted!

Happy Birthday girly girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

Those are some awesome personal and business goals! I hope you undertake them and have great fun. :)

Also hope your vacation goes excellently!