Sunday, July 14, 2013

sun studio weekend

I have a traveling studio. It goes where I go. It has it's perks, in that I can use my deck as a studio. Sit in the sun or under the umbrella and see my beads in true day light. I have a quiet back yard when R isn't running around in it. It's peaceful and I get lots of work done there.

This weekend we camped out in the backyard. R caught his first lighting bugs, had his first smore, and camped under the stars (in a tent w/ the fly off). It was a fun filled night. The rest of the weekend we spent going on massive hikes. Cooking great healthy foods. And we played in the pool a lot.

 In between all that I've been working. I'm staying up late each night and lacing and wire wrapping for his entire naps. I have 10 wine charm sets nearly completed. 3 wine vines that need wrapping. 3 laced lilies and one that needs lacing. 8 laced calla lilies that need centers. I want to make 3 more wine charm sets, and 3-4 more wine vines before next Sunday. IF I were really lucky I'd also find time to make another purple rose.


Cathy Engberg said...

You are getting a lot done in between some great family time! I love your studio on the go!

nordwolke said...