Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Let me Sum up

Well I've now completed almost all of the art show's I've committed to this summer.  I have one more Artists on the Boardwalk show in August.  I've learned a lot this summer.  I learned that I can be successful selling at shows.  I learned that I'll never feel like I have a large enough inventory.  I've learned that despite my natural inclination to be shy about my work I can indeed talk about it with people and sound professional and sell.  That was quite an experience for me and gave me lots of confidence.  It was almost an out of body experience to hear myself talking about what inspires me and when and why I started creating flowers and where I'd like to go with them in the future. 

Sunday's art show at the Mackinaw Valley Vineyard was a fun laid backwatch her talking about her work.  I came away from the show profitable and happy.  I sold a mixture of lilies and wine charms, and pendants.   Lots more people were there this year than back when I did it in 2009.  And the people were looking at the art a lot more too.  The weather was pretty perfect, cooler than I thought it would be and the rain held off until we were packed up and driving away.  It was fun to do a show w/ Mom and watch her talk about her work.

Now I find myself in a major crossroads.  Not just deciding to go between two directions but more like a 5 way intersection and each road needs to be explored.  I'm more or less having problems deciding where to start.  I have some major reorganization projects that need to be tackled.  Some fall and winter projects that should be started.  Web development decisions that need to be made.  New ideas in jewelry and flowers to develop.

We have a vacation coming up that I can't wait to go on.  We're headed to Hayward Wisconsin for some camping and relaxation.  It'll be cool and pretty and relaxing.  Just what a busy summer requires.  But that's still two weeks away.  Today I'm taking care of a barfy toddler and while he naps exploring my next move in the beadverse.

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