Sunday, June 02, 2013


I feel inspired.  Maybe it's the week off I took from almost everything.  Maybe it's all the rain washing away the long cold spring and inviting lush green life into the world.  Or maybe it's just one of the freak times when I don't have enough hands or hours to try out ideas that I have bursting out of me.  It's been painful not to work all the time on some of my new projects.

One of those projects has been bracelets.  I came out of my last show with lots of knowledge and not sure what to do with it all.  How much to change based on one show.  And honestly even if I wanted to change or add something new to my inventory...there's not a lot of time until my next show to make sure I have a sturdy enough inventory.  That didn't stop me from experimenting though.

For years I've been trying to come up with an exciting idea for a bracelet.  Something that uses the techniques of french beaded flowers and wire work.  Until recently I've drawn a blank.  Last week I finally let myself experiment.  I decided to start simple and instead of a full flower go with two petals.

 I learned so much from this bracelet.  First I made it about an inch too long, but that's easily fixed.  I learned how I can attach my petals to a base wire.  I learned what gauges work well in different areas.  This is a very versatile design that can be repeated in any combination of colors.  I loved adding the touch of colored wire to the band. 

Immediately after finishing this bracelet I had ideas for a couple more in completely different designs.  I want to redo this on in different colors so that it will fit...but that's on the back burner for now.  This weekend I finished the second bracelet.  I didn't get a chance to take any pictures yet.  But it's more of splay of petals and a side clasp.  

I'm also completely inspired to make flowers.  I have plans set for another few flowers plus quite a few more wreaths.  About a month ago I discovered that my local art guild has a call for entry's for an upcoming exhibit, Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.  This got some gears turning.  I first started thinking about a Day of the Dead wreath...but I thought a cross would be more fitting.  But I wanted the cross made out of grape vine.  I want it to look gnarly and rustic and handmade.  
This morning is the first day in ages that it hasn't rained so R and I went down into the field hunting down grape vine.  I came up with this cross and I'm really happy with it.  It's creepy and perfect.  I wrapped it together using smaller grape vine and then stabilized it with copper wire.  A week ago I found some amazing skull beads and bought them.  Last night I made the first flower.  I'm so excited about the potential with this project.  Not sure if I'll enter it into the art guilds exhibit or not.  That depends on how quickly I finish it and how it looks in the end.  Either way I'm super pumped and inspired by this piece. 


nordwolke said...

The bracelet looks awesome. And the cross is quite creepy, very appropriate for that theme. Can't wait to see the result!

Cathy Engberg said...

The bracelet looks beautiful! I like it even more from these photos! I didn't know about the second one! I can't wait to see that one too.

Yes, that cross is creepy. I really like how you made it with the grapevine! the small vine over the top looks great! I'm sure it will be even more creepy once you finish! You have been busy!