Tuesday, July 02, 2013

2 shows 3 days equals insanity and greatness

This weekend was a whirlwind of everything and even after taking a day off I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I want to officially thank everyone who sent me an email with booth tips and suggestions.  I really appreciated the time you took to look and share your thoughts.  I incorporated what I could in the time I had before the show and it made a HUGE difference in my booth.  I had a very successful weekend and owe a good deal of that to you guys.  THANKS!! 
I started my last blog post wondering if I was insane for committing to two shows in three days.  And the answer is yeah maybe but it was worth it for the experience.  C said insanity in moderation is the key, he's right.  The trick is sticking with the moderation.  
Friday night was the Artists on the Boardwalk at Junction City.  The pictures above and below are of my "booth" on the boardwalk.  You can see me "in the zone" of setting up and arranging the flowers.  You can see I added some purple table clothes/runners.  I added some green fabric to the screen wall, and I painted the bottom slants in the wooden boxes.  And you can't really see it but I had an artists bio sign hung on the screen wall as well. 
The Junction City show was a bit of a bust.  Our spaces were moved down a bit and me and the artist next to me instead of being in a main spot we were more off the beaten path.  Most people that were there were more there for the kid entertainment.  Not so much there for the art.

The Rhapsody in Bloom at the Luthy Botanic Gardens was a better show.  I was very intimidated since it was my first two day show.  First time I'd use my canopy and leave it there over night.  And I had no idea what kind of turn out the show would have.  I learned so much at this show.  I learned that the hour or two before I leave to go set up a show is really the worst.  Nerves take over and I'm restless and tend to pace.  Once I'm there setting up and things are going then I'm fine. 

I learned that my canopy can hold out against both sprinkles and a pretty decent downpour.  Saturday threatened rain most of the afternoon.  So for the morning hours we had a steady stream of people come through.  I was near one of the entrances which was a nice location.  I had lots of compliments and even sold a couple flowers during the morning.  Once 12 hit it started spitting rain now and then.  The steady stream of people slowed down, and then right when it was starting to pick up again it really started to rain.  Mom was with me both Friday and Saturday and we were able to get the wall down fast so that not much got wet.  There wasn't any pooling of water on the canopy so that was a relief.  After a half hour of rain it did start to soak through a little bit and drip down but it was minimal.  I might need to spray some scotch guard the canopy and maybe get some seam sealer to help prevent leaks and drips in the future. 
I learned that I need to really zip tie down my screen wall.  We had some decent breezes so the screen wall took a tumble.  After that I both string tied and zip tied it to the frame of the canopy.  So if it were to fall again it would take the canopy with it.  We held up really well with the wind.  But I was nervous about it all weekend.

I learned that customers are not predictable.  I was perfectly content with the couple sales I made Saturday morning.  I expected very low crowds on Sunday and had made my peace with it.  Sunday was booming.  Busy from the doors opening until about a half hour before close.  I had all but given up on my wine charms.  They get lots of looks but no one really seemed interested in them...until Sunday.  They were popular.  Most people buying them as gifts, which worked out nice since I'd brought boxes to package them in.  People seemed to really appreciate that.
I learned that to my shock my newest bracelet, (haven't shared w/ you yet but will soon), is very popular.  And the people who enjoyed my flowers very much enjoyed my bracelet.  One even asked if I would have them at my next show!  Guess I need to start hammering out the kinks on that.
Finally, I've come to the conclusion that nothing is predictable in the realm of art shows.  From the weather to the customers, to where your booth is in the park.  Everything will affect and doesn't affect how the day will go and there is nothing you can really do about it except take the gamble.  This weekend it was fun.  A wonderful challenge, filled with lots learned, and positive feedback. 
My big plans for July have completely changed.  I had planned to focus on my etsy shop, rephotographing and tagging and relisting flowers.  Making more inventory and promoting my shop.  Now I need to more focus on inventory for my July shows.  More wine charms, more flowers in purples, and in every shape.  And I'm inspired about my bracelets.  So I'd like to play around with some new ideas I have there. 


Cathy Engberg said...

It was so fun to watch you selling your pieces! I am sorry I missed the rush on Sunday. You booth looked amazing and you did fabulous! Nice job! I bet you were happy but exhausted.

spartachris said...