Sunday, July 07, 2013

holiday recharge

I hadn't planned to take the week off.  Ok, maybe I did plan to but then I decided I couldn't afford to take a week off.  I had/have too much to do.  So I took one day off.  Which was great, but I was still tired.  So I took another day off, and then the holiday weekend was here.  So I took the week off. 

This long holiday weekend was more of vacation than Door County was in May.  I feel so relaxed and re-energized.  We hung out as a family.  We watched fireworks, saw great friends, played in the kiddie pool, went on hikes and to the park.  We were a family together an it was great.  And then Friday night the beads started to flow.  Colors came together faster than I could string the beads.  Ideas for future flowers and colors popped into my head and I clung to them as I worked to finish what I had started before starting the next.  And that flow kept flowing through Saturday and into today.  Today I finished up the color combos I'd put together.  Now as I'm writing this about 5 more ideas for flowers have come to me. 

Sunday night the final tally of petals of flowers completed equals, 4 lilies and 8 calla lilies.  I went all out on the colors for new calla lilies.  They were a bit of a hit at the show and I love how they look in clusters together.  8 seems like a lot but I'm a little addicted to making them so I can seem adding some teal and aqua callas to the pile.  As well as some more white and neutral color callas.  I'm also wanting to make a couple of the bigger flowers.  Some more complex ones. 

Soon I need to focus on wine charms again.  I'm very excited about starting up wine charms.  I need to get all the flower inspiration out of me.  Maybe lace some petals up.  That's the plan right now at least.  It's going to be a busy two weeks.

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