Tuesday, July 09, 2013

my Muse is knocking

I get excited to pick up my beads in two ways.  One is color inspiration and the second is shape.  Color is by far the easiest for me to kick into gear.  I can create a million lilies and still have fun changing colors.  I love seeing how the different shades can play with each other.  And whats even better about working with beads is that each color is available in at least 5 different finishes.  Changing the finish of a bead and combining the finishes can create depth and texture.  It will never get old for me.

While it is easier for me to be inspired by color than by shape, inspiration can still be elusive at times.  Like any other creative out there when I'm in a groove I've learned not to mess with it and just ride the wave.  My unpredictable muse came to me this past weekend and has stuck around for a surprisingly long time.  She's throwing both color and shape ideas into my head to meld and form amazing ideas.  But they are all flower ideas.  Flowers are my love, but they are not the priority for my business right now.

So tonight I tempt fate and do the unthinkable.  I will attempt to slightly nudge my muse into wine charm color inspirations.  Perhaps if I am gentle enough and thankful enough for her presence she will hang around for a while yet.  Wish me luck.

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