Thursday, May 23, 2013

sneak peak new wreath

 I've been busy.  I have new wreaths, flowers, and wine charms that I haven't been able to photograph and list before my first show tomorrow.  But that just gives you more incentive to come visit me tomorrow.  It'll be the first time I'm displaying a whole new line of wine charms.  And you can see my two new wreaths. The show starts at 4 and goes till 8 at Junction City in Peoria IL.

My booth and my stuff is just about as ready as it's ever going to get.  Below is a picture of my last to do list and just about everything is scratched off.  I'm still coming up with small last minute details.  But nothing that would be an end game if they didn't get done before tomorrow.  Tonight I rest, relax and try not to think about tomorrow. 

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Cathy Engberg said...

Wow! That's incredible you got it all done! I'm so proud of you! Good luck tomorrow. Relax now and just enjoy being out there with other artists in a fun atmosphere.