Monday, May 20, 2013

its all in the details

Saturday I set up my booth in my living room.  It had rained recently and I didn't want wet grass all over everything.  I feel pretty good about everything.  I'm slightly frustrated by the folding wall.  It is the same color as the wreaths.  And my flowers really don't pop against that brown.  I've decided that it would be pretty close to impossible to paint it and it not look trashy.  I'm accepting it as what I have and working with it. 

My crazy feathers turned out to be the best fight against the brown on the folding wall.  My eyes go straight to the feathers and the flowers in front of them.  I bought a few more feathers in cream and one in light pink.  I like how full they make the mason jars feel.  I didn't like the dyed blue wheat grass as much as I thought I would on the wall.  The values are too similar.  But C really liked it and I'm giving it another chance only w/ more grass so it will look fuller.  Plus I think I could definitely go over board on the feathers and I need to avoid that.

I am very happy with my table.  It's full of flowers and wine accessories but it's not over crowded.  The copper bucket is full of bouquets that I made pre-R.  EVERYTHING else in the display has been made since Dec 2012.  I'll even have another wreath to add and at least one more flower to add to the display by Friday.  I love the tall bouquet.  Tall dried grasses with 3 french beaded flowers added to the mix.  It is a wonderful example of what can be done with beaded flowers.

The other side of the table looks familiar.  I haven't changed much and I'm still very happy with this side of the display.  A friend of mine is hemming the purple fabric you saw last week.  Once that is done it'll be added back into the display.  I need to add to my inventory of wine charms but otherwise I think we're good here.  This display will be great for the boardwalk show this Friday.  In June for my bigger show I need to fill up a canopy.  Right now my idea is to add two more tables.  One for wreaths and flowers and another for Christmas themed flowers and ornaments.

So what's left to do....LOTS!  Now it's all in the details.  Washing and ironing table clothes, testing the 3G at the show site, buying weights for my folding wall, putting prices on everything, making tags for the table, updating the framed artist bio on the table, putting custom order pics on my ipad for easy access, getting cash for my cash box, digging out more wine glasses, making more wine charms, figuring out my tax percentage.  I'm sure much more but that's just what is off the top of my head now. 


Cathy Engberg said...

So great to see these photos! It looks really good! You should be very proud of all the work this shows. Incredible stuff!

Crymson Flower said...

Thanks Mom! that means a lot!