Monday, May 13, 2013

And I'm back and I'm open

I'm back from the frigid Door County Wisconsin, where it snowed the last two days we were there.  Ugh, the weather was not on our side.  But we had fun and lousy weather allowed us to not feel bad about being pent up in our hotel room watching tv and beading. 

What did I work on up there?  A little bit of everything.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures since I forgot my camera at home.  I feel like I started lots of projects/flowers and finished none of them.  I made petals to two single flowers, and enough additional flowers for another wreath.  Plus I made the beginnings of a pile of wine charms.  I went out in the snow and browsed a bunch of lovely art galleries full of color.  And I came out of them inspired by brand new color combos.  They might be a little out there but I'm excited to try them out.  And I found a little local bead shop up there and picked up a few new goodies for my stash.  I'm glad to be home.  I'm in major list mode.  I have less than two weeks until the first Artist on the Boardwalk show and I'm barely keeping my nerves in check. 

This week will be all about booth design and making a mock booth this weekend to figure out where my holes are in my inventory.  Then next week will be about filling in the holes.  That's the game plan right now. 
And now for the even more exciting news.  Crymson Flower is back open and I've already listed a fresh new beaded flower.  Ok actually I made this one a few years back.  But it's always been one of my favorite flowers that I've done.  I have three all time faves from back then.  This is one.  It's the first flower that I started experimenting with copper wire accents.  It's the oxidized dark copper next to the peach and light peach petals that creates a rich look but the blue lapis lazuli center is what makes the flower pop.  It makes it memorable.  The leaf is attached to the flower. 

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