Sunday, May 26, 2013

first show and what I learned

Friday night was fun.  It was nerve wracking until I showed up and then things just flowed.  The weather was amazing compared to what's it's been the rest of the weekend.  It was sunny, slightly chilly, but perfect with a sweater and some sunglasses. 

I showed up and checked in with the main lady.  She showed me to my spot which was all the way at the end of the boardwalk sort of by myself.  She said I could have this huge area or move to a middle spot with less space.  I chose the middle spot since I was expecting a smaller space I didn't bring a huge display.  It was a great spot.  I was right in front of a barber shop which was pretty busy and right next to a really nice bar, right behind the food and patio/beer garden.  The regulars of the bar were super nice, and it still turns out that I had a ton of space.  I think they were short a few expected artisans. 

I didn't sell anything except a wine bottle pendant to C.  He's been wanting another one for ages and I needed to test out my credit card system.  It worked!!  Other than that I had a lot of lookers.  Lots of compliments.  I talked to a veteran local artist who I've admired for ages and told him it was my first show.  He told me not to be discouraged if tonight was slow, that it was Memorial weekend and that the crowds would be low.  But that the rest of the summer should bring in people.  He's also doing the Botanic Garden show and said that it's a good one in that the customers really take their time and really look at the art.  That was a great conversation, it gave me a little more confidence.

My friends would be proud, I was about as chatty as I could get with potential customers.  I'm not an overly pushy sales person.  It was a bit out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it once it got going.  Here's what I learned about who my flowers attract...
  • 10 year old girls LOVE my flowers.  And they want my wine charms to be hair ties.  That makes sense, my 10 year old self would have loved my flowers too.  That's not really my target audience.
  • Older ladies enjoyed my wine charms.  Some of them seemed to think I came up with the concept myself.  I thought one who stopped by 3 times was going to buy a wine charm but that didn't materialize.  
I'm not sure what to make of this.  I know numbers were low but I feel like I should be taking the information I have as I get it and start working with it.  I know I don't want to become a Claire's like store making accessories for little girls.  My original target audience...ladies 30-40 somethings, with a fun style and a little extra cash to spend really didn't bat an eye at me.  I even had a few husbands stop and look before they did.  So do I change what I make to attempt to appeal to them? I attempt to market differently to appeal more to them?...or do I change my target audience?  I'm not sure yet.  One funny thing...wreaths didn't get a second glance.  EVER.  I thought they'd be a hit.  Kinda crazy.  If someone looked at a flower it was almost always the daffodil.

Despite the lack of sales, I had a really great time.  C and R came to visit and a couple of close friends came by and hung out with me and helped me tear down.  Being right next to the beer garden gave me some ideas for next month.  We want to get a sitter so we can turn these nights into fun evenings.  And maybe we can drink wine out of my glasses w/ my charms on them.  A little in use advertising. 


nordwolke said...

Your booth looks so beautiful! Don't let the lack of sales put you down too much. I am sure, there will be sales soon. I am convinced that there is the right customer for every flower or wreath waiting out there. You will meet a couple of them in the course of the summer.

Cathy Engberg said...

It looks like you had one of those special helpers for your show! Great picture of the two of you!

Sounds like you learned a lot. Pretty interesting... hard to predict what people will look at I guess.

I'm glad it was fun. Your setup looks great! I can't wait to see it fill a booth!