Monday, May 27, 2013


It was a crazy last two weeks prepping for Friday's show.  I'm glad I did it.  I was thrilled with how everything looked on Friday.  But I got home from Door County (which I spent a good part of beading) and landed on my feet running.  I had a to do list that didn't end until about 2 hours before the show. 
So I'm spending this holiday weekend relaxing.  Mentally letting go.  I have lots of questions about my next move, and a few ideas of where to start.  But I'm giving myself some time before I get going.  It's rained every day of this long weekend and we've spent it together as a family.  Reconnecting, since I felt I couldn't give 100% to it while I was in prep mode.  We've gone puddle hunting daily, C built me a compost bin, I read a book, and drank wine with friends.  We've gone shopping and spent money.  We're setting up family pictures for next weekend.  And in a week we celebrate R's 3rd birthday.  We're planning a small dragon party, which has been a great creative outlet.
In a little bit I might dig out some wire.  Just to play and experiment.  Prep for the next show will start soon.  It's a bigger one and I'll need to fill the canopy.  So I need to make sure my walls fit and fill another table maybe two with inventory.  And this week I'm going to give the shop some much needed attention.  But today I'll finish my relaxing weekend.  I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend.

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