Wednesday, May 15, 2013

parts of a mock booth

 Ok, I knew I was going to be busy but this is seriously never ending stuff.  Lots of details and the only way I can think of to try and get as many of the details as I can right, is to practice.  Soooo, I'm sharing with you my trial and error process of creating my art fair booth display.  The last two nights my wonderful hubby and I have been painting wooden boxes well past dark.  Yesterday before the second coat was applied I pulled out a table and my table clothes and quickly set up a mini display. 
 I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  The colors are a little off with the table cloth being an off white and the boxes are a very light grey.  I pulled out random scraps of violet and purple fabric to act as pops of color.  The wine bottle are displaying my wine bottle pendants.  And inside the boxes I'll have wine glasses with wine charms on them.  I'm really happy with this set up.  What I'm more worried about is inventory.  At least in the wine accessory area here.
 The next part of my display will have one of those folding sectional walls.  I don't have it set up yet but the mason jars these bouquets are in will hang on the wall along with my wreaths.  The above bouquet has blue dyed wheat grass.  And the pictures below is a bit on the wild side.  The accent are ostrich feathers dyed lime green. I think it could work as an individual bouquet something wild and crazy.  But it is definitely the craziest thing in my display and could be distracting. 
This final image is my large bouquet and I'm still in the "I think I like it" stage. I'm not really sure I'll know if it fits or not until I have the wall set up next to the table.  I plan to do that mock set up Saturday.  Then I can really see what I need for my display and inventory.  I also need to somehow price everything.  I'll worry about that on Sunday maybe.

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nordwolke said...

I think the "wild thing" will draw the attention to your booth. And I like it!!! I love the blue dyed wheat grass and the red flowers in front of it. Your booth is awesome and I like that you display your beaded charms together with the wine bottles.