Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sky Night wreath

Night Sky wreath is sort of the complete color spectrum opposite of my recent SunFlower wreath.  I made these lilies a while back and fell in love with how rich they are.  The combination of blues and purples reminded me of the night sky, after the sun goes down but before the lightening bugs stop glowing and go to bed.  I added some small silver flowers to lighten up the wreath a bit and gave them orange centers for an interesting and unexpected pop of color. 
There are two kinds of leaves on the wreath.  One with lime green and the other is all grass green but with some silverlined cut green beads to give a little sparkle.  I was a little worried about the dark richness of lilies not working on a dark door.  But there doesn't seem to be any problem in the picture below.  In fact I think the wreath does a good job of standing on it's own.

Prep for this weekend's shows is still in the works.  I have managed to paint some color on my wooden boxes.  Add some color fabric to my folding screen wall.  Complete 2 more calla lilies.  And a few other random things.  Tomorrow starts the big weekend!

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nordwolke said...

These flowers are very much too my liking - sparkling blue reminding of the sky at night indeed!