Monday, June 17, 2013

refocusing on flowers

This week and for the extended future I plan to focus more on the flowers and slightly less on the wine accessories.  I do enjoy making them and have just recently realized a bunch of them and my early flowers have expired on Crymson Flower.  I'll be batch listing anything wine related instead of drawing it out for a week.  And those early flowers that went up before Valentines will get some revamped photos and bouquets and anything else I can think of to show them off over the next couple of weeks.

All this while I prep for my next two shows.  Coming up starting on Friday June 28 is the June edition of Artists on the Boardwalk in Junction City Peoria.  I'll spend the evening showing off flowers and talking to the patrons of the local pub.  I'm assuming we'll have the same space, so look for me right behind the food, patio, next to the barber shop and pub.  Then Saturday and Sunday June 29 and 30 is Rhapsody in Bloom at the Botanic Gardens here in Peoria.  This is my big event of the summer.  Setting up the canopy, displays, and having enough stock for this two day event.  I both nervous and not.  Being w/ Mom last week has calmed my setting up nerves.  Now I'm focused on more flowers.  Specifically for this show more wreaths.  I have two new wreaths in the works...mostly done even.  This week I hope to complete a third. 

Today's shades of purple and lime rose is not a quiet flower.  This flower can and will be seen.  It's a very nontraditional rose.  I used three different purples and highlighted them all with a stripe of lime green in the outer petals and center.  Later this week, some new pink flowers.

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