Friday, June 07, 2013

bead and button show stash results

Back from Bead and Button and it was something else.  I knew it would be overwhelming but I'd forgotten how crazy it can get in there.  I was expecting more people...I remembered more people.  But I was glad that it wasn't horribly packed. 

The big shops I like to hit were still there as usual and it was great to restock on my favorite colors.  Some of the smaller shops that we'd hit in the past were still there too.  But some of the unique shops that had tons of hanks of seed beads weren't there.  I wonder if they are even in business anymore.  I did find a couple new gems. 

And I didn't have any trouble finding stuff to buy.  And I didn't have any trouble finding ideas of all the possiblities that I could take my flowers.  Ideas like stamping sheet metal to make a little tag or to personalize flowers.  Or using some amazing gemstones to take a flower to the next level.  Or maybe to keep expanding the bracelets I've been playing with. 

I had to try and keep focused.  I mostly stocked up on seed beads I needed or those that inspired me.  I don't think I came home with as many different beads as I once did.  I think a portion of that is that my stock has gotten so big that I've seen a lot of what is out there.  Newer stuff is a lot harder to find. 

We packed up the car and tomorrow we leave at the crack of dawn to Mom's first art show of the season.  Should be fun to scope out the Hinsdal Art Festival.  If you're in the area you should definitely stop by. 

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