Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Wedding Season!!

Did you know we are in the middle of wedding season?  June is a big months for weddings.  And while if you are getting married this June you will already have your flowers in order...but if you are looking for some ideas for your own upcoming wedding take a peak at this bouquet. 

A very good friend of mine got married last December.  Way back years and years ago she had said that when she got married she wanted beaded flowers in her bouquet.  So when she got engaged early last year, she held me up to my promise.  I wasn't beading at the time so I dug through my treasures and found this beauty of a wedding bouquet.  Remember my project "A Gift for the Gods?"  It's a wedding bouquet and it was the perfect color pallet to match her very natural color theme. 
She wanted a larger bouquet so she took the beaded flowers to a local florist and took apart the ribbon holding it all together.  They then designed the a larger bouquet using silk flowers (although fresh works too).  They used the whole thing, leaves and all the lilies in many different sizes. 

There are many different ways beaded flowers can work in a bridal bouquet. They can accent the bouquet like in these pictures.  My friend used silk flowers so she will be able to keep her bouquet as is forever.  If she'd used fresh flowers then the accents would be the memories that last a life time. Or they can be the main attraction of the bouquet. Think of all those lilies in the metallic colors surrounded by baby's breath or other subtle flower.  Or maybe even one large elegant bright beaded flower surrounded by accenting fresh or silk flowers.  The possibilities are endless.
 Seeing her bouquet come together and then seeing it on display in her house six months later was really amazing.  The day after her wedding was the first day I picked up my beads in 3 years. 

Interested in discussing how you can have beaded flowers in your wedding bouquet?  Email me and we can discuss with no pressure or obligations.  I'm open to brain storming ideas and working with you to make your big day special.  This isn't just about creating flowers this is about creating memories and future heirlooms.

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