Wednesday, January 23, 2013

switching gears again

I spent the holiday weekend up in Chicago with my parents and R.  We had a nice time, checked out a local museum and played lots of dragons.  When he slept I marathon sewed this quilt.  It's still in pieces, but at least they are big pieces.  The colors are a little off, in real life they are bright and glowing jewel tones.  It's really a very cool quilt but it's been a pill to sew.

I learned a lot about my quilting self this weekend.  First it's hard for me to switch gears from bead to quilt mode.  Each needs a different part of my brain and it takes a while for that part of my brain to wake up.  I also learned that fabrics are important to me when I sew.  This project is different in that the individual fabrics were kinda eh, so sewing each block was a bit laborious.  But when the blocks get put together the individual fabrics blend together to get this really amazing result.

This week it's back to beads for me.  It's cloudy outside so not a good photography day.  I'll be listing some new flowers in the shop today and creating some new items for the wine accessory line.


Cathy Engberg said...

wow! that looks great! the colors are really dulled out here, but really great job on this!

cauchy09 said...

what a gorgeous project. and i love those colors. hooray for you!