Monday, January 07, 2013

2013 a new Crymson

I'm back and back to an old home, blogger, and starting a new home, etsy.  After a 3 year break from beadwork I picked it up again.  It was one of the scariest things, even though I wasn't expecting it to be scary.  2 months ago I was certain I'd never bead again or at least not for another 10years.  But my friend got married and I had given her some flowers from my stash to be used in her wedding bouquet.  It looks so amazing.  Her florist combined the beaded flowers with silk flowers and it really worked.  She'll have that for the rest of her life. 

It was that inspiration, riding the high of a having fun at a great wedding reception, I dug out some beads and started playing around.  It was like I never stopped.  My fingers were a little ripped up from the wirework but the designing aspect was just as much fun.  I didn't even mind stringing the beads.  It's been a few weeks now and I have a pile of creations.  Since I started right where I left off creatively I might as well in the buisness end too.  I was dabbling in art/craft shows right before I stopped.  I've decided to maybe do a few local small shows...but more importantly I'm opening an etsy shop.

I'm not live yet but will be by the end of the month.  I'm excited.  I'm more organized and mentally ready to do this than I ever have been. 

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nordwolke said...

Wow! I need to change the links to your blog. Great news, you are back to beading!!! What about quilting? The bouquet looks awesome!