Friday, January 18, 2013

Fuchsia Lily

Here's a lily I made that I was thinking would become apart of a wedding bouquet.  It didn't end up going that far and I thought it would make a great Valentine for someone special.  I went a little crazy with the beads on this one.  The center of each petals is a very very light lavender, followed by a matte fuchsia bead, and finished with a 3 cut light purple seed bead.  The petals start off subtle then the bright fuchsia and sparkle of the 3 cut beads really end up packing quite a punch.  This flower makes a statement. 

I love how the flower's statement changes with the colors around it too.  It's more slightly more subtle and petite when paired with the lavender roses, but next to a bright pink rose the beaded lily really comes alive.  Very versatile, it would work nicely for a wedding someday.

Purchase information is here.

On a different note, we're back up in Chicago this weekend.  This time at my folk's house.  I'm attempting to switch my brain from bead mode to quilt mode for the weekend.  I'm making a quilt for a gift and have a fast approaching deadline.  I'm hoping to make big progress this weekend.  Hope everyone stays warm...temps are supposed to drop here in my neck of the woods.

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