Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend work

I split this weekend up between working on some wine accessories for the shop and working on the quilt. 
First the shop.... I came up with an idea for a wine accessory line that I'm super excited about.  I'll have some small wine charms in the shop this week.  Those are already made.  These guys in the picture are totally new.  I'll have better pics of them soon.  I'm sort of addicted to making them and I might have two more finished that didn't make this quick snap shot.

The quilt is coming along.  I have the top all sewed together and squared up.  Unfortunately, I ended up losing about 15 inches because of fast sewing and not paying attention to seam size.  I went slightly bigger than quarter inch seams instead of smaller which really shrunk everything up.  Luckily I did it consistently and the pattern still looks good.  The next step is to find backing fabric and figure out my borders.  That means I get to go shopping this week.

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nordwolke said...

The blue one looks very, very interesting. And I also love those leafs!!!