Sunday, August 25, 2013

end of my art show season

Friday marked the last day of the artists on the boardwalk art shows.  That means I'm officially done with art shows for the summer season.  I'm actually done for the year unless I find a gem of a holiday show that's still accepting artists.  That doesn't seem very likely.

I learned so much this year.  Even at my least successful shows I learned very helpful lessons.  I did Friday's show by myself.  I was super nervous but am so very glad that I did.  I brought along some beads to work on which worked out great.  I was placed next to a knitter and her felter mom, they knitted and felted while I beaded and we chatted.  The show was pretty slow but the weather was beautiful and the people that did stop by were all very nice and all chatty.  I found that I opened up and talked to people more when I was by myself.  People enjoyed watching me work.  I think actually watching me string beads made people realize what I put into each flower.

So what will I do differently next year?  Well I know which shows' I'll reapply to and which shows I won't.  I have a small idea of what new shows I'd like to try next year.  I figured out that people like to build their own bouquets.  So I want to have a diverse selection in lots of colors for people to pick and choose from.  Maybe a better way to hang groups of flowers.  Starting sooner than next year I want to start collection emails to make newsletters to send out to customers.  I'm coming around to the idea that this actually works and I can announce the shows I'll be at or a new product in my inventory line.  It feels like I have lots of time to make these decisions but really applications can be turned in as early as Jan.  It's really just a small break.

Art shows always show me what I need or want more of.  After this show I feel very low on lilies and wine bottle pendants.  I also want to really start making some more edgy stuff.  I was making a pendant with a skull in it and I had lots of compliments on it.  People really like skulls! I even sold it as soon as I finished it.  Most of all I learned I really enjoy doing shows.  I'm proud of my work and myself for this successful summer.  And as relieved as I am for a break, I'm super excited for more shows in the future.

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Cathy Engberg said...

You should be proud! Your work and ideas are amazing and inspiring. This was JUST the first year. I'm sure it will get even better.

I'm very proud of all you have done this year, and I'm really excited for next year!