Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where I've been

Or maybe where I'm at.  I'm having a hard time getting my brain back into normal mode after last weeks amazing vacation.  This was our view from our cabin door.  Literally two feet from the water's edge.  It was a gorgeous lake full of wild life.  We got to see Blue Heron's flying over head, Bald Eagle's fishing and eating on the shore, Loon's calling and diving, and lots of ducks and fish.
Here's my little fisher man.  He was so into catching the fish.  He even caught a larger norther pike but it jumped and fell off the hook.  We helped him the entire time of course.  He's not quite ready to handle hooks on his own.  But he was not at all weary of touching the worms or the fish. 
Family boat ride.  R's actual first boat right.  He loved it.  He pointed out all the bird's we'd see and the boats we'd pass by.  I think he had a really nice vacation too. 
We were pretty much out of communication with the world.  No Internet or cell phone coverage up there.  And only 6 iffy channels of TV.  That was a fun little challenge for someone that has her email open all day long to not check it for a full week.  I had the jitters there for a little bit, but then I was glad I made the whole week. 
Instead I grabbed some wire and made some bracelets.  Two of which are ready to be photographed and put into the shop.  I can't wait to make more and to find my bead groove again.


Anonymous said...

Wherever your cabin was, it looks fantastic! Beautiful and peaceful. Makes me incredible inspired to plan a vacation :)

From your facebook page, it looks like you have at least one more craft show to attend this summer? I hope it goes great for you!

Cathy Engberg said...

Loved your post. Awesome photos! I can't wait for you to post those bracelets! They are pretty awesome. It was fun watching you design and create them.

nordwolke said...

Beautiful pictures!!! And it's so great to be without internet and all this stuff for a while. Back to the basics! :)