Thursday, August 22, 2013

in the mean time

Before we left on vacation I placed an order on ebay for some fancier photo equipment.  My last art show is tomorrow and after that I knew that I'd have to spend some serious time on my Etsy shop.  I sort of failed at renewing my listings this summer so my shop is looking pretty spare.  What better time to redo photos and revamp tags and listing descriptions? 
So I invested a little bit in a photo tent and some lighting.  Before I was taking my photos in diffused natural sunlight in my living room.  That worked out great on sunny days.  But in the winter it can be weeks of clouds which proved for really dark pictures.  This photo tent and the lights will let me be less dependent on weather and location. 
I have it set up on my floor here, but it could easily be on a table too.  The tent is collapsible and is 30inches square.  30 inches is way bigger than I first imagined but I'm glad I went big b/c I don't have to worry about squeezing bigger projects in there.  I bought a kit with some stronger lights too.  Many came with smaller lights which would have done nothing for a 30" box.  These could even use a little extra light but they will do.
Yesterday I set this all up and got out all my flowers.  I spent 3 hours taking photos and got maybe half way through my current stock.  I still need to go through them and see how they turned out but I'm very optimistic. 

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