Thursday, August 08, 2013

Some Calla's before Vacation

Back in July while I was prepping for the winery show I made a bunch of calla lilies.  Before I assembled the individual flowers I discovered that together they could make some interesting flowers.  Both 2D and 3D flowers. 
Some time in the future I do want to experiment with some 2D flower ideas that I have.  I think I could come up with some fun and very different wall decor.
But for now I'm in the world of 3D.  These 3 callas put together like this and then turned up side down like a bell was really romantic.  Delicate and sophisticated and BIG.  The 3 together like this probably measures 5-6 inches across. 
I'm not sure where these ideas will take me or how they will develop, but I wanted to post them here in hopes that I don't forget or loose the inspiration for them.
Crymson Flower on Etsy closes tonight for vacation.  I will reopen early in the week of 19th.  I am bringing wire and beads with me to Wisconsin but they will not be my primary focus.  I want to relax and really enjoy the quietness and beauty of the woods up there.  My goals are to eat great vacation food, take R on his first boat ride, maybe relearn how to fish, go on some hikes, and get some sleep.  All of that seems like reasonable accomplishments.

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nordwolke said...

Love those Callas!