Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mad Dash....Christmas season is here!

Where did November go? 

My last thoughts were on Veteran's day when I gloriously had the day to create nonstop.  A full 8 hours of nonsensical color combining and wire wrapping.  I made a bunch of ornaments that day and I'm in love with most of them.  Ok here come my excuses or singularly excuse....we caught the flu.  Started with the baby, then two days later R caught it.  24 hours later C caught it.  Then 24hrs after that I caught everything except the stomach flu.  Sore throat, cough, fever, congestion, more congestion, and a sore tooth which then turned into a failed filling which has been repaired but debatable if the soreness is fixed or not. 

Anyway there's my November.  And now it is Christmas season.  I have photos of all my new and amazing beaded Christmas ornaments.  If you follow me on Facebook you know that I've been slowly adding new ornaments and the occasional flower to the shop.  I plan to keep this up throughout the weekend.  My goal is to have everything Christmasy in the shop by Monday. 

I hope you are enjoying the new designs as much as I am.  I'll try and put a post up here now and again too.  I have exciting new ideas that I was to start playing with once the shop is up to date.  And I'm hoping to get my applications to a few art shows in this year. 
Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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