Saturday, November 08, 2014

chunk of time

I'm excited

A chunk of time is presenting itself to me.  A day.  A day with no day job and the kid's daycare is open.  And then next weekend C is taking R to Chicago so it'll just be N and me.  Which means I have time.  Time to bead or more likely weave some wire. 

I plan to go all out this week and transform part of my basement into a studio.  Bust out the hammers, anvils, and possibly the torch.  Right now my plan is to make a bunch of Christmas ornaments.  I want to practice weaving wire and wrapping free form.  Ornaments are fast to make and gives me the opportunity to try different techniques several times. 

Which brings me to my question for you.  What color ornaments would you like to see?  What colors would you put on your tree?  I'm mostly in this for the wire work the background color of the beads is secondary for me right now.  So ask and you shall receive.  =)

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