Friday, March 29, 2013

sneak peak friday

It was a bit of a slow week on the blog this week.  I've been hemming and hawing about some behind the scenes business decisions.  Nothing big, well kinda, but I like to make them bigger than they really are.  Things like whether or not I should make Crymson Flower my official business name, and if not should I change up my internet presence name.  I'm looking into shows and how to legally be a business in different cities and counties other than my own.  I also added pages to my blog.  If you want to know about how to take care of your flowers, or a little bit about me, or how to contact me check out the pages at the top.

But really what would affect you is what I'm thinking about with my shop.  I've decided to take the plunge into my higher priced items.  Right now the most expensive piece in my shop is $30.  Yep you can get an amazing flower for only $30.  I know I'm capable of more though.  I have plans to make a line of wedding flowers, I'm still in the designing process for these.  What's happening more quickly and what I've really been excited about the last couple weeks are wreaths.  They take a bit longer to make so I won't have a ton of them in the shop all at once.  But boy oh boy do I have ideas for different wreaths.  Here's the first sneak peak of what this wreath looked like a week ago.  Today it looks just about done.  Expect it in the shop next week.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  Enjoy warmer weather and the feeling of spring in the air.


nordwolke said...

So exciting! I love flower wreaths. I have always loved those bigger projects and I still do regarding my knitting. Those are really rewarding!
No warmer weather on the horizon here but we will enjoy the weekend nonetheless.

Crymson Flower said...

yeah I really love the bigger projects but I'm finding that I'm having a hard time dedicating time to them. I worked all weekend on a second wreath and it's still not ready for me to put it together.
But you are right, they truely are rewarding.