Friday, March 22, 2013

happy weekend

Maybe if we post enough pictures of pretty flowers of spring flowers mother nature will get jealous and start producing her own.  Or maybe if we think enough warm thoughts, the winds will take a cue and simmer down.  Maybe we can even make the snow they are calling for on Sunday go away. 

If not at least we can dream in photos, and have as many pretty flowers, that don't care what the weather is, around the house as possible.  The purple flower on the left is a sneak peak to what will be listed next week.  The yellow flower on the right can be found here.  Stay tuned b/c there will some other spring flowers posted next week as well.

I'm wishing everyone a lovely weekend.  We're headed up to Chicago area to see families and C is playing in his yearly gig with his buds. 


nordwolke said...

The purple flower is a real beauty!!!

nordwolke said...

And have a lot of fun at the gig!

Crymson Flower said...

thanks N! the gig was great fun