Thursday, March 19, 2015

Copper Flower Tiles

Creating art is all about leaps and bounds, or some times baby steps, slow motion crawling, or even two steps forward three steps back.  For years I've been talking and dreaming about incorporating more wirework into my flowers.  I'd play around with it and then get distracted by a fun color combination.  Or be discouraged b/c my wire wrapping skills were not advanced enough.

And then in December while discussing painting oils on copper sheet with Mom, it hit me.  All the pieces that I'd spent years trying to figure out how to put together just glided into place.  Like a puzzle piece that was stupidly hidden under the table.

Introducing a new line of flowers I am creating...
I'm not sure what to call this new direction.  Two dimensional french beaded flowers?  They aren't really french beaded flowers nor are they really 2D.  Wire and bead paintings?  Ugh, I need a name, something to call this.  I'm not sure why but it doesn't feel complete until I  name it.
I am completely smitten with this new technique and style of bead work. I love the free form flowers I can create.  The textures, colors, and richness I can manipulate from the copper background.  The fact the it is a framed piece which makes it a finished piece.  I'm competing with paintings with this art form and that is exciting.  An elevation from just a flower.  Most of all I am brimming with ideas. My fingers and mind cannot create fast enough to satisfy my creative flow.  But it is fun to try.

I have my first show of the year coming up in less than a month.  I'll post again soon with details. 

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