Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spring and Summer Wreath

The second wreath commission I had recently is by far my FAVORITE wreath I've made to date.  They wanted it for spring and summer in the colors of pink, purple, yellows, and orange.  Bright fun colors which I was completely excited about.  And then I started putting colors together and it kept coming up Eastery.  Pinks are hard in beads to actually come up looking pink.  If you pair it with orange, they tend to look orange.  And even alone the salmon and watermelon pinks against the brown wreath came up orangey or peach.

And then I came up with the pink and gold hibiscus flower and the entire wreath just came together.  The bright yellow sunflower is amazing and the orange comes into play with orange wire in the centers.

This has given me the spark to make up a few more wreaths for my inventory this spring and summer.  Bright and fun wreaths like this one.  I feel like the wreaths I have are great but the colors aren't as cheery as this. 

The customer was very happy which I was super nervous about.  I'm not sure what's more nerve wracking, a custom order from a person I know or a complete stranger.  It is two different sorts of pressure.  Because I knew this customer I was able to make color judgment calls.  But I really really wanted them to be happy. 

This weekend two of the three boys are headed to Chicago to visit grandparents.  I'm staying down to run errands and do some beading while the baby sleeps.  I have another order I need to finish up and then some huge ideas I want to play with. 

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