Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Night Things

Not as much beading as I'd like being done right now.  We spent a long weekend up in Chicago, testing N's travel patience and seeing lots of family.  He got to meet great grandparents and see all his grandparents plus cousins and more.  We are now home and content.  I love the feeling of getting home from an exhausting but successful trip.  The boys are asleep and I'm pretending I don't need to go to sleep in in the next half hour to be able to get up for work tomorrow.

Some how this spring I found time and energy to put together a small garden out back.  I planted tomatoes and peppers in pots like I usually do.  On a whim and with the advise of my neighbor I planted some potatoes.  I had a sack of taters that were starting to spud or maybe they spud's bud...not sure.  Either way we were potatoed out and I needed to do something with them.  So I spoke with my neighbor then decided to plant them.  I mixed up a bunch of compost with the soil out there and then made a mound.  Planted the budding spuds plus a few rows of pumpkins for R.  Tonight I harvested my first couple plants of potatoes.  Jackpot!!

How have I not planted potatoes before?  They were super simple to do and take care of with a huge reward.  My peppers are doing well and the tomatoes are ok, R eats any of the cherry ones before I can see them.  Pumpkins are just flowering but no fruits are forming.   But tomorrow it's sloppy joes and home grown taters for supper.  yum!


Cathy Engberg said...

What a jackpot! You have a bunch there, nice work! Did you pull the whole plant, or just dig out a few?

Cathy Engberg said...
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