Tuesday, July 01, 2014

random thoughts on the art show

~The show this weekend went well.  Not quite as successful as last year, but I broke even and it was fun.  I consider that a success.
~I think my booth display is really coming together.  I added a table this year that had my jewelry on it.
~I have a lot more inventory than I did last year.  Both with flowers and pendants.
~As much as I sell the fancier wine charms I'm not sure I will be making any more.  They just don't feel fun right now.

~I think I need to work on putting some eye grabbing pieces in the front.  I had the sunflower wreath sitting up front, but that didn't attract much.  So I exchanged it for the large vase full of lilies.  I'm not sure that helped much.
~I did have a bright purple flower on the other side of the booth that attracted a lot of attention.  At least 10 people stopped and looked at or touched that flower.  
~I had one repeat customer that sought me out to buy another flower.  I had several other people that had bought from me last year stop by and say hello and look around.  It was fun seeing all of them again.  

~Apparently I make lots of weird faces when I'm setting up my booth.  This was the least crazy expression in the pics.
~It was soooo hot over the weekend, I was very sweaty.
~There weren't as many artists there this year.  I'm not sure why but really it's a fun show that is decent quality.  I hope more people sign up next year.
~I met some really nice artists.

~Here is how I displayed my new jewelry.  I had quite a few people looking at the bracelets.  Some even tried them on. I think the prices scared them away.  But I wasn't really expecting to sell them at this venue.  It does encourage me to get them on Etsy.
~I'm not sure what to do next.  I'm mentally defragging this week, then I will figure out my next steps.  Clean/organize beads, get Etsy up and running again, explore more jewelry ideas.

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Chris Crash said...

awesome! I hadn't seen the pendant necklaces yet, I like them!