Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a slow return

Meet N, our second little man in the house. He joined us in early April and has been an adventure of his own ever since.  It's been a wonderful maternity leave.  I've enjoyed spending one on one time with N and watching him and discovering him.  He's soooo different than R is already.  It's a different kind of wonder and I feel lucky to be experiencing it.
I start my day job again on Monday but I've been steadily beading for the last month or so.  I signed up to be at the Luthy Botanical Garden Art fair in Peoria IL again.  It's the show I did best at last year and am really excited to be there again this year.  It's Saturday June 28 and Sunday June 29.  I have an exciting new stock to show off.  20 new flowers including two new designs.  A new stock of wine bottle pendants/ornaments, these were wiped out at Christmas last year so I have lots of new ones.  A great selection of colors for wine charms.  And I have a small collection of jewelry for sale, mostly bracelets that show case wire wrapping.  But I made a few pendants as well.
I'm keeping Etsy closed for now.  I still need to photograph everything to get that going and that will be a work in progress for a while.  I'm hoping to have an updated shop up by the end of July.  In the mean time I hope to see you next weekend.

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rowan0ak said...

Amy, it's great to hear that you've enjoyed your maternity leave! Are you looking forward to going back to work?

Would love to see photos of your booth at the Art Fair - wish you a terrific day, with great weather and enthusiastic customers :)