Thursday, April 04, 2013

French Beaded Blue Lily Wreath

 Back in 2009 I made myself a french beaded flower wreath and I love it.  I hang it on our front door every spring and summer and when fall hits I bring it in and it hangs in our guest bedroom.  It's fun to have something unique and welcoming on my front door. 

About a month ago I got the urge to make another wreath.  I've been thinking about broadening my price range in Crymson Flower.  Right now everything in there is on the low side of the price scale.  Bouquet of beaded flowers are the obvious way to increase the selection but when I had the urge for another wreath I was very excited.  It took me a couple weeks to get up the nerve to try a bigger project.  Then one day I sat down and just made a lily, then a star flower (the cream w/ copper center), and then some leaves to accent.  In hours I had the beginnings of this wreath.
I really enjoyed adding the greens even though that is typically what I dread most making.  The pop of sparkly green looks amazing next to the natural grape vine.  I love using the rustic copper and grape vine with the bright sparkly beads in the flowers.  I think the contrast is stunning. 

The wreaths take a bit longer to make, so they might be slow coming.  I have tons of ideas and the second wreath already half completed.  Next week Mom is coming to visit and we are going to go on an adventure to see if we can find any willow or dog wood so that I could maybe make my own wreaths.  Using different woods will let me give different textures and feeling to the actual wreath.  More on that adventure in a couple weeks...if we find what we need.


nordwolke said...

Good luck for your "shopping tour"! The wreath looks amazing and yes, the greenery looks great together with the flower colours. It looks very fresh!

Cathy Engberg said...

It does look fresh! I love it!