Thursday, April 25, 2013

Christmas in April

Well we did have snow last week so I guess it also literally feels like Christmas here. But today the weather is warmer and the sun is out. It feels like a break for now. But the more exciting news is that my new box of wire that I ordered came yesterday. This is what 7 pounds of wire looks like. Honestly I would have thought it would have looked like more. Nevertheless I'm still super excited to get this shipment in. One because it's always fun to receive a package in the mail. And two because I've finally found a supplier of wire in one stop shop. It's an exciting relief and I'm going through a lot of wire these days. I have no idea how long this will last me. Suppose I'll find out soon enough.
So, what do we have here?  7 rolls of different colors of copper coated wire.  I'm just beginning to start to play with colored wires.  A few months back I ordered a sample roll of purple and silver and you've seen it in my wine charms here and here.  I want to expand on the roll copper wire plays in my stuff.  I really love the natural color of copper, but that's not everyone's thing.  And sometimes the copper elements need the bit of color...this can offer that. 
I also bought some copper and steel wire. I love having a stash. It makes me sad when I'm out or my stash is dwindling. So looking at these guys now makes me very happy.
The good and exciting news that I've received over the last couple days is that I've been juried into and accepted invitations into all the shows I've applied for so far this year.  EEK!  I'm excited.  Super excited.  I have lots of things I need to do.  I even have yet to start the list of things I need to do.  I think I'm sort of stunned or shocked I guess because panic and urgency has not hit me yet.  Hopefully it will soon because the first show is a mere 5 weeks away.  Expect lots of preparations posts in the next few weeks.  It'll be an exciting journey to share. 

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Anonymous said...

I am curious to know the name of the wire supplier you found?