Tuesday, January 21, 2014

something perfect for Valentine's Day

Looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift?

Are they not so much the pink/red kind of person?
Or maybe they are one of those, "don't get me flower's they're just going to die," people.
You could be looking for something romantic that will last a little longer than a box of chocolates.
Or maybe it's not romantic at all and you and your bestie and having a screw the romance Valentine's this year.   

Whatever your situation is this year, here are a few bouquets that could be inspirational for your Valentine's shopping.  Buy the bouquet or a single flower, it doesn't matter.  Here are some ideas for a not so pink and red Valentine's.

The yellow flower has sold, but email me for a custom yellow one if you like this bouquet.

My anniversary January sale is still going on.  Get 10% everything in the shop for the month of January.  Use coupon code HAPPY1YEAR in the Etsy shopping cart.  

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